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This is a work-in-progress roadmap for Articles.

Future Versions

Articles 1.8

  • Refactor Articles Router (#37, #39)
  • Refactor Twitter Publishing (#34)
  • Depreciate Article FURL IDs System Setting (#41)
  • Back button from Article Edit View (#13)

Released Versions

Articles 1.7

  • Rebuilt tagging component

Articles 1.6

  • Add ability to customize FURL routing

Articles 1.5

  • Revo 2.2.1 optimizations

Articles 1.4

  • Allow posting of new Articles to Twitter
  • Post Article tags as hashtags on Twitter
  • Add Articles snippet for easy displaying of articles anywhere on site
  • Add German, Russian, Czech translations
  • Add option to turn off richtext editing for Articles in a Container
  • Add offset as option to latest posts display
  • Add option to change default sorting for Articles in mgr container grid

Articles 1.3

  • Ability to insert any option into listing snippet
  • Add option for requiring authentication to comment

Articles 1.2

  • RSS Improvements
  • Better handling of container changes
  • Resource Groups per Article

Articles 1.1

  • Import from Blogger/old MODX blogs/other services
  • Add more listing parameter options

Articles 1.0

  • Import from WordPress
  • Send updates on publish to Ping-o-Matic
  • Batch publishing/deleting
  • Custom UI for article posting
  • Container-specific settings
  • Integrated Quip commenting
  • Automatic archiving of articles
  • Integrated tagging
  • Initial public release