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This is a work-in-progress roadmap for Discuss.

Future Versions

Discuss 1.3.0

To be announced.

Future Features

  • Send Thread via Email
  • Merge/split Thread
  • Templated Responses

Released Versions

Discuss 1.2.1

1.2.1 is swiftly released patch to version for 1.2 which included mostly SQL performance performance optimizations and Sphinx search support.

Summary for 1.2.1 including 1.2.0

  • Sphinx search
  • Imroved SQL based search for MySQL
  • nofurls support
  • furl support without using rewrite rules
  • Multiple bug and inconsistency fixes to front- and back-end
  • User specific read counters reset accordingly with events

Special thanks to Daniel Schlessmann, Christian Seel and Evengard for providing great additions and fixes to Discuss

Discuss 1.1.0

All of the below, with a ton of bug fixes, minor new features. Public release again.

Discuss 1.0.0

This release was only temporarily available.

  • SSO Support
  • Pluginable Post Parsing
  • Optional Solr-based Search, also pluginable for different search engines
  • Board/user specific search
  • Board RSS Feeds
  • Thread-based Private Messages
  • Global Moderators
  • Archived/Inactive Boards
  • Locked Boards/Threads
  • Report Post to Moderator
  • Print Thread
  • Track IP
  • Moderator permissions
  • Unread posts since last visit
  • Ignore Boards
  • Attachments on modify page
  • Avatar handling (w/ Gravatar support)
  • Attachment download tracking
  • Edited On support for posts
  • Badges for users in user groups
  • User Group Improvements: Post-Based, with minimum posts
  • SMF Import Script

Discuss 0.1.0

  • Threaded view for Posts
  • Backend management system
  • Unlimited depth subforum Support
  • Categories
  • Latest Posts
  • Unread Posts
  • User Notifications
  • User Statistics
  • Registration and Login
  • Forum-wide Stats
  • Post counts
  • User settings
  • Signatures
  • Courtesy Edit Wait
  • Restrict Guests option
  • Toggleable captcha on Register form