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This is a work-in-progress roadmap for FormIt.

Tasks in purple are already finished in Git. Ones in green are finished in beta/rc versions.

Future Versions

FormIt 2.1/2.2

  • Save form results to DB
  • Iterative snippet to grab saved form results and display in table/graph format

FormIt 3.0

  • Multi-page form support

Released Versions

FormIt 2.0

  • Complete refactoring of core processing into OOP classes to allow further extension
  • Unit Testing framework to prevent regression
  • File-based hooks
  • Custom validator error messages per form/field
  • Regexp validator

FormIt 1.5.1

  • Fixed issue where &store was not respecting values set in post-hooks
  • Redirect hook now redirects after all other hooks execute

FormIt 1.5.0

  • Added redirectParams property, which allows a JSON object of params to be passed when using redirect hook
  • Added spamCheckIp property, defaults to false, to check IP as well in spam hook
  • Added sanity checks to form attachments when dealing with missing names
  • Added recaptchaJS to allow for custom JS overriding of reCaptcha options var

FormIt 1.4.1

  • Added sanity check for emailHtml property on email hook
  • Added sanity check for replyto/cc/bcc emails on email hook
  • Added ability to change language via &language parameter

FormIt 1.4.0

  • Introduced &validate parameter for more secure validation parameters to prevent POST injection
  • Added FormItIsChecked and FormItIsSelected custom output filters for easier checkbox/radio/select handling of selected values
  • Added &placeholderPrefix for FormIt snippet, defaults to fi.

FormIt 1.3.0

  • Added FormItRetriever snippet to get data from a FormIt submission for thank you pages
  • Added extra API methods for custom hooks for easier data grabbing
  • Added FormItAutoResponder snippet to use as a custom hook for auto-responses
  • Added &successMessage and &successMessagePlaceholder properties for easier success message handling

FormIt 1.2.1

  • Add recaptchaTheme property to allow theming of reCaptcha

FormIt 1.2.0

  • Added preHooks property to allow for custom snippets to pre-fill fields
  • Added clearFieldsOnSuccess property to clear fields after a successful form submission without a redirect
  • Added &customValidators property to secure forms against POST injections to run any snippet
  • Added placeholder ability to any email property
  • Added fiValidator::addError for easier error loading for custom validators
  • Added German translation

FormIt 1.1.3

  • Fixed bug where custom validators were wonky, added 'errors' references to custom hooks/validators

FormIt 1.1.2

  • Added support for validation and emailing of file fields
  • Added stripTags to all fields by default (unless 'allowTags' hook is passed') to prevent XSS

FormIt 1.1.0

  • Added reCaptcha support via the recaptcha hook

FormIt 1.0.0

  • Added 'spam' hook that utilizes StopForumSpam spam filter.
  • Added fi.success placeholder to be set on a successful form submission if no redirect hook is specified
  • Added default to emailTpl property so that it is now no longer required. Will send out email with just field names and values.
  • Added SMTP support to FormIt email hook
  • Added emailUseFieldForSubject property to FormIt snippet