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Use resource-specific media source and multifile-uploader

In this Tutorial we will learn how we can have a dynamic media source, with its own auto-created file-folder for each resource. For uploading multiple files at once, we will use MIGX's multiupload - feature. We will also be able to synchronize all migx items with files in that media source directory.


First off we will need to install MIGX by Package Management and do some basic configurations.

Create the dynamic resource-specific media source

  • Go to: Tools->Media Sources
  • Create new media sourc
    • name: ResourceMediaPath
    • source type: Filesystem
  • Update this media source
    • basepath and baseurl: [[migxResourceMediaPath? &pathTpl=assets/resourceimages/{id}/]]
    • if you add the &createFolder=1 property it will automatically create the {id} folder if it doesn't already exist.
  • Add three new settings to the media source:
    • thumbX: 200
    • thumbY: 200
    • maxFiles: 20

You may need to create a directory with write-permissions for php: assets/resourceimages/

Create the MIGX - TV

Create a new TV

  • Tab: General Information
    • name: resourcealbum
  • Tab: Input Options
    • Input Type: migx
    • Configurations: resourcealbum
  • Tab: Template Access
    • select your Template for your album-resources
  • Tab: Media Sources
    • select the ResourceMediaPath - media source for your context (web by default)

Create the Configuration for the MIGX-TV

  • Go to: Components->MIGX->Tab: MIGX
  • Create a new Configuration with 'add item'
    • name: resourcealbum
  • Click 'Done' to save the new Configuration
  • right-click on the new configuration and select 'import/export'
  • copy/paste this code into the textarea:
  "formtabs": "[{\"MIGX_id\":\"1\",\"caption\":\"Image\",\"fields\":[{\"field\":\"title\",\"caption\":\"Title\",\"MIGX_id\":1},{\"MIGX_id\":\"2\",\"field\":\"image\",\"caption\":\"Image\",\"inputTV\":\"\",\"inputTVtype\":\"image\",\"configs\":\"\",\"sourceFrom\":\"migx\",\"sources\":\"\",\"inputOptionValues\":\"\",\"default\":\"\"},{\"MIGX_id\":\"3\",\"field\":\"description\",\"caption\":\"Description\",\"inputTV\":\"\",\"inputTVtype\":\"\",\"configs\":\"\",\"sourceFrom\":\"config\",\"sources\":\"\",\"inputOptionValues\":\"\",\"default\":\"\"}]}]",
  "contextmenus": "",
  "actionbuttons": "upload||loadfromsource",
  "columnbuttons": "",
  "filters": "",
  "extended": {
    "migx_add": "Add Image",
    "formcaption": "Image",
    "win_id": "resourcegallery",
    "multiple_formtabs": "",
    "packageName": "",
    "classname": "",
    "task": "",
    "getlistsort": "",
    "getlistsortdir": "",
    "use_custom_prefix": "0",
    "prefix": "",
    "grid": "",
    "gridload_mode": "1",
    "check_resid": "1",
    "check_resid_TV": "",
    "join_alias": "",
    "getlistwhere": "",
    "joins": "",
    "cmpmaincaption": "",
    "cmptabcaption": "",
    "cmptabdescription": "",
    "cmptabcontroller": ""
  "columns": "[{\"MIGX_id\":\"1\",\"header\":\"ID\",\"dataIndex\":\"MIGX_id\",\"width\":\"10\",\"renderer\":\"\",\"sortable\":\"false\",\"show_in_grid\":\"1\"},{\"MIGX_id\":\"2\",\"header\":\"Title\",\"dataIndex\":\"title\",\"width\":\"20\",\"renderer\":\"\",\"sortable\":\"false\",\"show_in_grid\":\"1\"},{\"MIGX_id\":\"3\",\"header\":\"Image\",\"dataIndex\":\"image\",\"width\":\"20\",\"renderer\":\"this.renderImage\",\"sortable\":\"false\",\"show_in_grid\":\"1\"},{\"MIGX_id\":\"4\",\"header\":\"Deleted\",\"dataIndex\":\"deleted\",\"width\":\"10\",\"renderer\":\"this.renderCrossTick\",\"sortable\":\"false\",\"show_in_grid\":\"1\"}]"

Have Fun

Now you should be able to create Album-Resources, upload images with multifile-uploader and synchronize the MIGX-items with your files. For listing them on Front-end use the getImageList - snippet.