Resource Create/Update

These pages encompass the following Actions:

  • resource/update
  • resource/create
When using the resource/create Action, constraints will apply to the parent resource. So, a constraint of:
  • modResource
  • id
  • 2
    ...would apply the rule for all new Resources under the Resource with ID 2.

Available Fields

Field Name Containing Panel
Page Title pagetitle modx-panel-resource
Template template modx-panel-resource
Published published modx-panel-resource
Long Title longtitle modx-panel-resource
Description description modx-panel-resource
Introtext introtext modx-panel-resource
Link Attributes link_attributes modx-panel-resource
Alias alias modx-panel-resource
Menu Title menutitle modx-panel-resource
Menu Index menuindex modx-panel-resource
Hide from Menus hidemenu modx-panel-resource
Container isfolder modx-panel-resource
Rich Text richtext modx-panel-resource
Published On publishedon modx-panel-resource
Publish Date pub_date modx-panel-resource
Un-Publish Date unpub_date modx-panel-resource
Searchable searchable modx-panel-resource
Cacheable cacheable modx-panel-resource
Deleted deleted modx-panel-resource
Empty Cache syncsite modx-panel-resource
Content Type content_type modx-panel-resource
Content Disposition content_dispo modx-panel-resource
Class Key class_key modx-panel-resource
Parent modx-resource-parent modx-panel-resource
ID id modx-panel-resource
Template template modx-panel-resource

Available Tabs

These tabs are available for renaming/hiding:

Tab Name (ID) Containing TabPanel
Create/edit Resource modx-resource-settings modx-resource-tabs
Page Settings modx-page-settings modx-resource-tabs
Template Variables modx-panel-resource-tv modx-resource-tabs
Access Permissions modx-resource-access-permissions modx-resource-tabs

Hiding the Content Field

Use these settings:

Field: modx-resource-content
Containing Panel: modx-panel-resource
Rule: Field Visible
Value: 0


Affecting TVs for a Resource is fairly straightforward - just set the "Name" attribute of the Rule to "tv#", and replace # with the ID of the TV you'd like to affect. You can leave the Containing Panel blank.

TV rules on the Resource panel apply to both create and update Actions. You'll only need one rule.

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