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MODX Documentation

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MODX Revolution (Revo) is an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) and Application Framework rolled into one. Despite the limitless possibilities that MODX affords you, we think you'll find it refreshingly intuitive to work with. At every step, MODX strives to deliver Creative Freedom.

In addition to this documentation site, the MODX Community is vibrant and always willing to help. Go ahead and ask questions there - you'll be pleasantly surprised at the responsiveness of the MODX user base.

Experienced MODX Professionals and vendor-backed commercial support options are also available, so no matter your needs and requirements - you're covered.

Getting started

This documentation site is a thorough Reference for all things MODX, and also includes Guides and Tutorials to help you get started quickly and easily. Highlights include:

If you have a question about this documentation site, want to help make it better, view the source of the documentation and the application on GitHub. All contributions are welcome!

MODX Revolution

Revolution is MODX's flagship CMS and application framework, lovingly called "Revo". If you're new to MODX, start here.

Other Resources


MODX Extras extend the core functionality of the MODX software. Other CMSs refer to them as "Plugins" or "Modules". Many of the Extras are developed by the MODX core team, while others are by third parties. Although by no means an exhaustive reference, the majority of the most popular Extras are documented here.


xPDO is the object-relational bridge (ORB) that powers MODX. If you know what that means, or you're the adventurous type, the following is for you:

Other Resources

Contributor Guide

Love MODX? Learn how to get involved in the Community and contribute to the open source project.

What about MODX Evolution?

Evolution is MODX's classic codebase - the original version released in 2005. As of April 2017 Evolution is officially a separate project, no longer under the wings of MODX. That means Evolution has its own leadership, processes, and community.

All information about Evolution, including documentation and extras, can be found at evo.im.

Support the team building MODX with a monthly donation.

The budget raised through OpenCollective is transparent, including payouts, and any contributor can apply to be paid for their work on MODX.



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