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bdPriceGroups is a simple snippet to output your price groups.

Snippet Properties

Property Name Description Default Value
limit Limit the amount of results. 0
offset Offset to start at. 0
sortby Field to sort on. Can be sortorder, id or name. sortorder
sortdir Direction to sort on. Either asc or desc. asc
rowSeparator String to use between rowTpl items. \n
tplOuter Chunkname to wrap the complete result set in.
<h2>Price Groups</h2>

Placeholders to use:

  • wrapper | | | tplRow | Chunk name to wrap individual target groups in. Default:

Placeholders to use:

  • id
  • display
  • sortorder | |


Minimum call:


Result (depending on your price group data):

<h2>Price Groups</h2>
  <li>Good Value</li>
  <li>Exact Budget</li>
  <li>Too frick'n expensive</li>

Display as Select box

Snippet call:

<label for="pricegroup">Price Group</label>
[[!bdTargets? &tplRow=`bdl.pricegroup.row` &tplOuter=`bdl.pricegroup.outer`]]


<option value="[[+id]]">[[+display]]</option>


<select name="pricegroup">
  <option value="0">Choose a Price Group</option>

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