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Snippet to list the site users, based on the pdoTools library.

It generates a list of site users according to their's groups and roles.


It uses all General Settings of pdoTools except the specific class modResource, as well as their own:

Name Default Description
&groups List of user groups, separated by commas. You can use the names and id. If the value begins with dash it means users belonging to this group will be skipped.
&roles List of user roles, separated by commas. You can use the names and id. If the value begins with a dash, then users with this role will be skipped.
&users List for output, separated by commas. You can use usernames and id. If the value begins with a dash, that user will be excluded from the results.
&showInactive 0 Includes Inactive users in the results.
&showBlocked 0 Includes Blocked users in the results.
&returnIds Returns a string with a list of user ids instead of formatted results.
&showLog 0 Show more information about running the snippet. Only displayed for logged-in users with the «mgr» context authorization.
&toPlaceholder If not empty, this will the save output to a placeholder with this name instead of displaying the output to the screen.
&wrapIfEmpty Includes output chunk wrapper &tplWrapper even if there are no results.
&tplWrapper Chunk - wrapper, to wrap all results. Accepts one placeholder:[[+output]]. It does not work in conjunction with &toSeparatePlaceholders.

Override pdoTools

Name Default Description
&class modUser The base User class for MODX Revolution
&sortby modUser.id Any user field for sorting. You can specify a JSON string with an array of multiple fields. To randomly select the sort «RAND ()»
&sortdir ASC Sorting direction: Descending «DESC» or Ascending «ASC» .
All default templates are empty. To display the result as HTML, you must specify at least the value of the template in &tpl.


Used without parameters, the snippet lists all users:


Members of usergroup Authors:


You can combine it with pdoPage / getPage:


with INLINE:

    &tpl=`@INLINE <p>Имя - [[+fullname]], ID - [[+id]]</p>`


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