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This is the chunk displayed with the &categoryCrumbTpl property on the BreadCrumb snippet. Used for the crumb (except the current one) whose resources are "Category".

A resource is a "Category" if it's a folder and if it doesn't have template or have a link attribute equals to rel="category" .

Default Value

Templates properties can be chunk name, file path (@FILE ) or chunk code (@INLINE )

<li><a href="[[+link]]">[[+pagetitle]]</a></li>

Available Placeholders

Name Description
link A link to the resource of the crumb.
position The order of the item (to support BreadcrumbList.
useWebLinkUrl If you use the &useWebLinkUrl=1 property, the link will be the resource linked and
id pagetitle longtitle description menutitle ... All properties of the resource are output to their appropriate placeholders.

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