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The XML Configuration File

The config.xml file used for running setup via CLI has the following XML nodes. They are described and outlined below:

Database Configuration Options

Key Description Default
database_type The database driver to use for this installation. mysql
database_server The hostname where your DB server is located. To use a port, postfix with :portnumber localhost
database The name of the database modx_modx
database_user The user to use to connect to the database db_username
database_password The password to use to connect to the database db_password
database_connection_charset The charset to use in the connection to the database utf8
database_charset The charset of the database utf8
database_collation The collation of the database utf8_general_ci
table_prefix The table prefix to use for all MODX tables modx_

Installation Configuration Options

Key Description Default
inplace Set this to 1 if you are using MODX from Git or extracted it from the full MODX package to the server prior to installation
unpacked Set this to 1 if you have manually extracted the core package from the file core/packages/core.transport.zip. This will reduce the time it takes for the installation process on systems that do not allow the PHP time_limit and script execution time settings to be altered
language The language to install MODX for. This will set the default manager language to this. Use IANA codes.
cmsadmin The username of the new Administrator account for new installs username
cmspassword The password of the new Administrator account for new installs password
cmsadminemail The email of the new Administrator account for new installs [email protected]
remove_setup_directory Whether or not to remove the setup/ directory after installation. 1

Path Configuration Options

Key Description Default

Other Configuration Options

Key Description Default
https_port The port on your server for HTTPS connections 443
http_host The HTTP host of your server. Usually the hostname, such as mysite.com localhost
cache_disabled Whether or not to disable the MODX cache 0

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