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What is SPForm?

SPForm is a simple, spam-proof contact form that gives you a standard, working, contact form as soon as it is installed.


  • No email addresses on the screen or in the page source
  • Multiple, configurable, spam-proofing options
  • Full documentation on all options
  • Easily editable drop-down list of recipients
  • Relatively easy to install and configure
  • Easily ban individual spammers, domain names, or IP addresses
  • Send mail with phpMailer using mail() or authenticated SMTP
  • Multi-language support

Options - Each can easily be turned on or off

  • Require keyboard and/or mouse activity
  • Time users and set minimum and maximum times allowed to submit the form
  • Present CAPTCHA-style image verification
  • Present a simple random math problem as an image and ask the user to solve it
  • Use an invisible (but not hidden) field that autobots will get caught filling
  • Require name, subject, email
  • Set maximum length of subject and recipient
  • Add subject prefix to message subject field
  • cc all messages to a specified address (in addition to recipient)
  • Set maximum number of http links in message
  • Restrict the use of the form to certain domains
  • Report remote host, user, address, identity, and referrer in msg headers
  • Disallow blank referrer
  • Reject messages with fake referrer set to self
  • Require messages to be sent from one's own server

Package Information

  • Downloads: 10,813
  • License: GPLv2
  • Requires: Revolution 2.0.x or greater
  • Supports: mysql,sqlsrv


This version of the SPForm extra was developed by Bob Ray. It was first posted to GitHub on Jan 11, 2011. As of Jun 22, 2017 it had been last updated on Jun 22, 2017, had 116 commits, and had been downloaded 10,813 times. The SPForm package consists of 692 separate files, containing 9,630 lines of code.

It is currently maintained by Bob Ray.


SPForm can be downloaded and installed from within the MODX Revolution Manager via Package Manager (Extras -> Installer), or from the MODX Extras Repository.

Development and Bug Reporting

SPForm is stored and developed using GitHub, and can be found here: SPForm GitHub main page.

Bugs and feature requests can be filed here: SPForm issues page..

Questions about how to use SPForm should be posted on the MODX Forums.


The full documentation for SPForm can be found at the author's web site (Bob's Guides): SPForm Documentation.

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