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What are Policy Templates?

Policy Templates define which permissions are available to an Access Policy. A Policy Template does not say if a permission is actually granted or denied (the Access Policy does that), it just defines which permissions the Access Policy should be able to check or uncheck. Having a Policy Template is useful if need to narrow down the list of available permissions you want to define in an Access Policy.

Although there is some overlap between the specific permissions defined in each policy template, each template contains mostly unique permissions. Each template defines all the permissions that apply to the Access Control Lists (ACLs) they target; each is meant to be self-contained.


Defines all permissions for working in the MODX manager. In other words, it defines what actions can be taken from a context. Generally policies based on this template are not used in contexts other than manager unless users need to execute processors from them (like front-end extension). See all Administrator Policy Permissions


Element defines extra permissions associated with Element ACLs


This deals with permissions involved in accessing file sources.


Generic xPDOObject permissions for any modAccessibleObject to make use of.


Resource defines extra permissions associated with Resource Group ACLs. See all Resource Policy permissions


Context defines context access when administration actions are not involved.

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