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Snippet Usage - display the slideshow on your page

Basic use this code:

<div id="slideShow">

The album_id is the id you see in the manager like this

Available Properties

Version 1.1


Name Description Default Value
loadJQuery On true it will load jQuery, if you already have jQuery loaded then set this to false (available from 1.1+) true
toPlaceholder If set this will be the placeholder that the generated HTML will go to.
skin The concept is that you can copy and rename all tpls with the prefix nivo and give them your own prefix like MyCustomSkin. Now rather then declare each property change in the snippet call you can just declare the Skin you want to use. If you assign a value to a tpl property it will override the skin name for that one property. nivo
album_id The id of the album you wish to show 1
slide_div_id The HTML id of the element that JS slideshow is attached to. It can be used the headTpl, see nivo_headTpl for how it is used. slider

The Chunk properties

It is recommended to Duplicate the Chunk that you wish to change and rename it. Then you will not lose your changes when a new update is out. For organization it would be also recommend that you create a new folder to put your custom Chunks into.

Name Description Default Value
headTpl This is the JS/CSS for the slideshow it goes in the and can use the results from looping nivo_headTpl
slideHolderTpl The holder for the slide panes nivo_slideHolder
htmlCaptionTpl HTML Caption Option nivo_htmlCaptionTpl
slideLinkTpl A slide pane wrapped in an anchor nivo_slideLinkTpl
slidePaneTpl The actual pane or image nivo_slidePaneTpl

Placeholders available for Chunks

Tpls that use them Name Description
all Chunks
slide_div_id The HTML id of the element that JS slideshow is attached to.
count the total number of slides
only headTpl
id the album id
title the album title
description the album description
file_allowed the allowed file types for the album
file_size_limit the max allowed file size limit for the album
file_width the width of the slide show images
file_height the height of the slide show images
slideHolderTpl, htmlCaptionTpl, slideLinkTpl, slidePaneTpl
src the full image URL
id the slide id
slideshow_album_id the album id
url the url that can be assigned to a slide via the manager
title the title of the slide assigned to a slide via the manager
description assigned to a slide via the manager
notes assigned to a slide via the manager
html assigned to a slide via the manager
options assigned to a slide via the manager
upload_time the time the image was uploaded
file_path just the image name, like image.jpg
file_type like jpg or png
web_user_id the user the last updated this slide
start_date the date the slide went live
end_date the last date the slide will be shown
edit_time the last time the slide was edited
sequence the order/sequence/rank of the slide
slide_status the status
version how many times it has been edited


Multiple slideshows:

<div id="slider-wrapper">
<!-- Make sure you use a different ID for each instance: -->
<div id="slider-wrapper2">

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