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GalleryItem's tpl Chunk

This chunk is used when &toPlaceholders is set to 0 on the GalleryItem snippet.

Default Value

<a href="[[+url:is=``:then=`[[+image]]`:else=`[[+url]]`]]">
    <img src="[[+thumbnail]]" alt="[[+name]]" />

Available Placeholders

Name Description
name The name of the Item.
filename The filename of the item. This will be relative to the path where the files are stored, which is usually assets/components/gallery/files/.
description The description of the item.
mediatype The media type of the Item. Currently this is only 'image'.
createdon The timestamp that this Item was created on.
createdby The User ID of the creator of this Item.
active If this Item is active or not. Can be 1 or 0.
albums A list of Albums this Item is in.
tags A list of Tags associated with this Item.

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