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As of April 2022, the MODX project can be supported financially through Open Collective. Open Collective is a transparent way to fund a project, with public budgets, balances, and expenses.

If you run a business or organization that uses MODX in a revenue-generating product, are a digital agency that works on MODX websites, are a freelancer and MODX has helped you in your work, or a person just using it in a fun project, your contributions will help to make MODX better.

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Who decides how the money is spent?

As MODX currently lacks a formal independent governance body, the responsibility to approve expenses is shared among the Admins listed on Open Collective. That currently includes representatives from MODX Systems LLC and modmore.

Admins cannot approve their own expenses; another admin will review and approve it before a payout is made. Depending on the type of expense there may be a designated admin responsible for approvals (e.g. security team lead must approve security team work).

The primary goal is to pay volunteers who help the project. That includes paying an hourly rate to the security team and core team, but if budget allows it may also be used to sponsor MODX events around the world, posting bounties on specific issues, commissioning larger projects, or soliciting project-

More details can be found in the Expenses Policy

Can anyone file expenses?

Currently only approved members (who are listed as such on the Open Collective) are able to file an expense.

To become a member, please review the expenses policy and apply to [email protected].

Support the team building MODX with a monthly donation.

The budget raised through OpenCollective is transparent, including payouts, and any contributor can apply to be paid for their work on MODX.



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