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AdvSearch Snippet

This snippet displays search results based on the search criteria sent.


Simply place the snippet in the Resource you would like to display search results in.


Available Properties

Design the query

To specify where to do the search and which results you want.

Name Description Default
contexts The contexts to search. web
fields A comma separated list of fields available with search results. pagetitle,longtitle,alias,description,introtext,content
hideContainers Search in container resources. 0 : search in all resources. 1 : will not search in any resources marked as a container. 0
hideMenu Whether or not to return Resources that have hidemenu on. 0 : shows only visible Resources, 1 : shows only hidden Resources, 2 : shows both. 2
ids A comma-separated list of IDs to restrict the search to. Use GetIds addon to specify complex id list.
parents A comma-separated list of parents' IDs to restrict the search to the children of these particular containers.
includeTVs A comma separated list of TV names to include TV values as results.
queryHook A queryHook snippet name to change the default query.
withFields A comma separated list of fields where to do the search. pagetitle,longtitle,alias,description,introtext,content
withTVs A comma separated list of TV names where to do the search. TV values are added as results.

Organize the search results

To sort and limit the search results.

Name Description Default
fieldPotency Score and sort the results. Comma separated list of couples "field : potency". createdon
perPage The number of search results to show per page. 10
sortby Comma separated list of couple "field [ASC]" to sort by. createdon DESC
showExtract Show the search terms highlighted in one or several extracts. String as "n : comma separated list of fields". n : maximum number of extracts by result. The search term is searched in the concatenated fields. 1:content

Design the page results

To style the look and feel of your page results.

Name Description Default
containerTpl The chunk that will be used to wrap all the search results, pagination and message. SearchResults
tpl The chunk that will be used to display the contents of each search result. AdvSearchResult
pagingType Type of pagination. type 0 or 1 1
pageTpl The chunk to use for a pagination link. PageLink
paging1Tpl The chunk to use for the paging type 1 Paging1
paging0Tpl The chunk to use for the paging type 0 Paging0
currentPageTpl The chunk to use for the current pagination link. (Paging type 0) CurrentPageLink
pagingSeparator The separator to use between pagination links. (Paging type 0)
extractEllipsis The string used to wrap extract results with. Defaults to an ellipsis. ...
extractLength The number of characters for the content extraction of each search result. 200
extractTpl The chunk that will be used to wrap each extract. Extract
highlightClass The CSS class name to add to highlighted terms in results. advsea-highlight
highlightResults Whether or not to highlight the search term in results. 1
highlightTag The html tag to wrap the highlighted term with in search results. span
placeholderPrefix prefix of global placeholders. advsearch (since 2.0.0)
toPlaceholder Whether to set the output to directly return, or set to a placeholder with this propertys name.

Overall AdvSearch design

To design your own search

Name Description Default
asId Unique id for AdvSearch instance. Any combination of characters a-z, underscores, and numbers 0-9. Case sensitive. as0
engine Search engine selected among 'mysql' , 'zend' or 'all'. 'Zend' or 'all' mode request a repository with indexed resources. mysql
init defines if the search display all the results or none when the page is loaded at the first time. 'all' or 'none' none
maxWords The maximum number of words to include in the search. 20
method Whether to send the search over POST or GET. GET
minChars Minimum number of characters to require for a word to be valid for searching. 3
offsetIndex The name of the REQUEST parameter to use for the pagination offset. offset
output output type. 'json' or 'html' Json output provides results as a json object. html
searchIndex The name of the REQUEST parameter that the search will use. search
urlScheme Indicates in what format the URL is generated. -1, 0, 1, full, abs, http, https -1

Custom installation

The parameters that could help you for a custom installation.

Name Description Default
docindexPath the path under assets/files/ where are located Lucene document indexes docindex/
libraryPath The path under assets/ where are located the Zend library libraries/

AdvSearch Chunks

There are several chunks that are processed in AdvSearch. Their corresponding AdvSearch parameters are:

  • tpl - AdvSearchResult : The Chunk to use for each result displayed.
  • containerTpl - AdvSearchResults : The Chunk that will be used to wrap all the search results, pagination and message.

Depending the paging type: Paging type 1:

  • paging1Tpl - Paging1 : The Chunk to use for the pagination type 1.

Paging type 0:

  • paging0Tpl - Paging0 : The Chunk that will be used to wrap all paging type 0 elements.
  • pageTpl - PageLink : The Chunk to use for a pagination link.
  • currentPageTpl - CurrentPageLink : The Chunk to use for the current pagination link.


These examples assume you've already sent the search query with the AdvSearchForm snippet.

Display results, but just show their titles:


Display all results but only in children Resources of 15 and hide possible container Resources - and highlight tags with a 'strong' tag:

    &ids=`[[!GetIds? &ids=`c15`]]`

Do a search in the field 'introtext' and in the tv named 'mytv'. Display as results the fields 'pagetitle', 'longtitle' and 'introtext'. Setup an extract with the 'introtext' field. Show a maximum of 2 extracts by result. And finally set the results to the placeholder 'results':


See Also

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