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amazonSES mailing list

matdave Mark Hamstra Ibochkarev

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What is Amazon SES Mailing List?

Amazon SES Mailing list is a complete mailing list which uses Amazon SES for sending bulk emails for a small cost (like 0.10$ per 1000 emails!) without any need for having a mail server of your own!


  • MODX Revolution 2.2.X
  • PHP5 or later


It can be downloaded from within the MODX Revolution manager via Package Management, or from the MODX Extras Repository, here: https://modx.com/extras/package/amazonsesmailinglist


  1. Install the package via Package Management
  2. Open System Settings and filter the settings by Namespace aSES
  3. Set the Amazon ID (Access Key ID) and Amazon Secret (Secret Access Key) - https://console.aws.amazon.com/iam/home?#security_credential - _Access Key_s
  4. Create a _MODX resource_and put under content


&tpl - Chunk name with unsubscribe message when unsubscribing is successful (default: aSESUnsubscribe)

&tpl_error - Chunk name with error message if email is not found in the database (default: aSESUnsubscribeError)

Cron set up

Open your crontab (for example CentOS: crontab -e) and add line:

* * * * * php /absoulte/path/to/modx/web/directory/assets/components/aSES/cron.php

This will run the cron.php every minute of every hour of every day.

cron.php sends 100 emails per run. It sends every email because the amazonSESMailingList gives an option for personalized emails (You can put the [[+name]] placeholder in the email ;)


Under Components open aSESmailings and create new Mailing list. When created, double-click on it and you will see three tabs - Mails | Basic settings | Emails

  • Mails - the list of mails that you are preparing/sending or were sent. You also can see the basic information about each mail
  • Basic settings- the most important part of mailing list. From here you set the Sender name and email.

Don't forget to insert **[[+content]] placeholder in the Mailing template or there will be no content when you send the mail!

Every "from" email must be verified by Amazon SES. If your email is not verified yet, click the Verify email with Amazon SES and you will receive conformation email from Amazon SES for the email.

If you don't have an access for the production environment then you have to verify every email you want to send the email to! For more information read here.

  • Emails - the list of subscribers. Since the AmazonSESMailingList is set for personalized emails every subscriber can have a name which can be called throu [[+name]]laceholder in mail.

Create new mail and open it with double-click. Add the subject and some content. Save and go back to previous page. Under tab Emails add new email and put your email in it. Select the tab Mails and the newly created email has now a subject. Right click on it and select Send mail from the menu. That's it! If the cron job is set correctly you will receive the email shortly!


The AmazonSESMailingList is based on ses.php created by Dan Myer.

ses.php is only in beta version writen by Dan Myer. And as always - I can't accept any responsibility or liability for damages arising from the usage of amazonSESMailingList package.

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