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When you use Form Customization to customize the forms in the MODX manager, you can either allow/disallow access to specific fields, or you can allow/disallow access to entire tabs or parts of tabs.

When a Tab is not a Tab When setting up Form Customization rules under Security --> Form Customization, then editing a behavior set, there is a list of "Tabs", but the list doesn't correspond directly to the familiar "Document", "Settings", "Template Variables", and "Resource Groups". Rather, the tab ids listed here refer to entire tabs or parts of tabs.

Tab Regions

These are the various tab regions whose visibility can be toggled.

ID Default Tab Title Description
modx-resource-settings Document A primary tab
modx-page-settings Settings A primary tab
modx-panel-resource-tv Template Variables A primary tab
modx-resource-access-permissions Resource Groups A primary tab

Adding New Tabs

Adding a new tab is quite simple. Edit your Set, and open the Regions tab. Click the Create New Tab button, give it an ID like "my-new-tab" and a description.

Any time you need to refer to the tab region, for example if moving Template Variables into the new tab, use the ID you gave it.

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