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Get the current authenticated User and assigns it to the modX instance.


API Doc: modX::getUser()

modUser getUser ([string $contextKey = ''], [bool $forceLoadSettings = false])
  • $contextKey (string) Indicates the context to initialize, an optional context to get the user from.
  • $forceLoadSettings (bool) If set to true, will load settings regardless of whether the user has an authenticated context or not


Get the current auth'ed user and print out its username.

$user = $modx->getUser();
echo $user->get('username');

Get the user's email address (stored in their profile) from 'web' context:

$user = $modx->getUser('web', true);
if (!$user) return '';
$profile = $user->getOne('Profile');
if (!$profile) return '';
print $profile->get('email');

Get an extended field from the user.

$user = $modx->getUser();
if (!$user) return '';
$profile = $user->getOne('Profile');
if (!$profile) return '';
$extended = $profile->get('extended');
print (isset($extended['custom_user_field'])) ? $extended['custom_user_field'] : '';

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