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SimpleSearch's containerTpl Chunk

This is the Chunk displayed with the &containerTpl property on the SimpleSearch snippet. It contains the search results, pagination and count message.

Default Value

<p class="sisea-results">[[+resultInfo]]</p>

<div class="sisea-paging"><span class="sisea-result-pages">[[%simplesearch.result_pages? &namespace=`sisea` &topic=`default`]]</span>[[+paging]]</div>

<div class="sisea-results-list">

<div class="sisea-paging"><span class="sisea-result-pages">[[%simplesearch.result_pages? &namespace=`sisea` &topic=`default`]]</span>[[+paging]]</div>

Available Placeholders

Name Description
resultInfo The message saying how many search results were found.
results The search results.
paging The pagination links

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