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Generates a URL representing a specified resource.


API Doc: modX::makeUrl()

string makeUrl (integer $id, [string $context = ''], [string|array $args = ''], [mixed $scheme = -1], [array $options = null])
  • $id (integer) The id of a resource. required
  • $context (string) Specifies a context to limit URL generation to.
  • $args (string|array) A query string to append to the generated URL.
  • $scheme (string) The scheme indicates in what format the URL is generated:
    • -1: (default value) URL is relative to site_url
    • 0: see http
    • 1: see https
    • full: URL is absolute, prepended with site_url from config
    • abs or absolute: URL is absolute, prepended with base_url from config
    • http: URL is absolute, forced to http scheme
    • https: URL is absolute, forced to https scheme
  • $options (array) An array of options for generating the Resource URL.


Make a URL for the Resource with ID 4.

$url = $modx->makeUrl(4);

Make a URL for the Resource with ID 12, but make sure it's in HTTPS.

$url = $modx->makeUrl(12, '', '', 'https', array('xhtml_urls' => false));

Make a URL to Resource with ID 56, but add a ?hello=world to the URL.

$url = $modx->makeUrl(25, '', array('hello' => 'world'));
$url = $modx->makeUrl(25, '', 'hello=world');

Note that the arguments available to this function can be passed to the [[~link]] tags, e.g.

[[~123? &scheme=`full`]]

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