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What is input.datepicker?

Add a datepicker to a form quickly and easily using this snippet.


Example for input.datepicker:

[[input.datepicker? &value=`5/3/2012`]]


Name Description Default Required Version
input_id The id to assign to the input box. >0.0.1
name The name to assign to the input box. >0.0.1
value The value to assign to the input box. >0.0.1
menu Enter "1" to add year and month drop down to the date picker. >0.0.1
date_format Add year and month drop down to the date picker. >0.0.1
min_date Set the minimum date to use. >0.0.1
max_date Set the maximum date that can be used. >0.0.1
animation The method the calendar is displayed. show >0.0.1


The date can be formatted in several ways, below are a few examples:

  • mm/dd/yy
  • yy-mm-dd
  • d M, y
  • d MM, y
  • DD, d MM, yy


There are several different animations available:

  • show (default)
  • slideDown
  • fadeIn
  • blind
  • bounce
  • clip
  • drop
  • fold
  • slide

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