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TV Input Types

The following input types were removed:

  • htmlarea, dropdown (use listbox), textareamini

Methods, Constants and Variables

Many constants, variables and api methods have been long deprecated, marked for removal in 2.0 or 2.1 and are now finally removed from the MODX Revolution 2.1 codebase.

Item Removed Notes on Replacement or Potential Workaround
IN_PARSER_MODE check context is not mgr
IN_MANAGER_MODE check context is mgr
$_SESSION["mgrValidated"] modX->user->isAuthenticated('mgr')
_SESSION["webValidated"] modX->user->isAuthenticated('web')
$_SESSION["mgrInternalKey"] modX->user->get('id') when modX->user->isAuthenticated('mgr')
$_SESSION["webInternalKey"] modX->user->get('id') when modX->user->isAuthenticated('web')
$_SESSION["mgrShortname"] modX->user->get('username') when modX->user->isAuthenticated('mgr')
$_SESSION["webShortname"] modX->user->get('username') when modX->user->isAuthenticated('web')

DBAPI: modX->db

Item Removed Notes on Replacement or Potential Workaround
modX->db->config modX->getOption()
modX->db->connect() modX automatically connects to MODX database. If you're looking to set up another connection, you could instantiate xPDO again.
modX->db->escape($s) modX->quote()
modX->db->query($sql) modX->query() or modX->execute($criteria) see manual for PDO query
modX->db->delete($from, $where= "",$fields='') see modX->query()
modX->db->select($fields= "*", $from= "", $where= "", $orderby= "", $limit= "") see modX->query()
modX->db->update($fields, $table, $where= "") see modX->query()
modX->db->insert($fields, $intotable, $fromfields= "*", $fromtable= "", $where= "", $limit= "") see modX->query()
modX->db->exec($sql) see modX->execute($criteria)
modX->db->getInsertId() see modX->lastInsertId()
modX->db->getAffectedRows() see modX->getCount() or xPDOCriteria->stmt->rowCount()
modX->db->getLastError() see xPDOCriteria->stmt->errorCode or xPDOCriteria->stmt->errorInfo
modX->db->getRecordCount($ds) modX->getCount($className, $criteria= null)
modX->db->getRow($ds, $mode= 'assoc') see xPDOCriteria->stmt->fetch()
modX->db->getColumn($name, $dsq) see xPDOCriteria->stmt->fetchColumn()
modX->db->getColumnNames($dsq) see modX->getFields($className) (note: not exactly the same .. gives you column names for a specific class)
modX->db->getValue($dsq) see xPDOCriteria->stmt->fetchColumn()
modX->db->getXML($dsq) no direct analog
modX->db->getTableMetaData($table) modX->map property
modX->db->prepareDate($timestamp, $fieldType= 'DATETIME') php to sql conversion of datetypes are handled automatically in the modX model (or a custom xPDO model)
modX->db->getHTMLGrid($dsq, $params) no direct analog
modX->db->makeArray($rs= '') see xPDOCriteria->stmt->fetch()
modX->getFullTableName() modX->getTableName($className, $includeDb=false)
or modX->escape($customTableName)
modX->dbConfig modX->getOption() (NOTE: some of the configuration keys are different, i.e. dbuser = username, dbpass = password, dbase = dbname)
modX->putChunk() modX->getChunk()
modX->isFrontend() modX->context->get('key') == 'web' or other front-end context
modX->isBackend() modX->context->get('key') == 'mgr'
modX->getSettings() modX->config after $modx->getConfig()
modX->getDocumentObject($method, $identifier) not public API method; no replacement (see modRequest->getResource())
modX->isMemberOfWebGroup() modX->user->isMember or modUser->isMember
modX->getDocument modX->getObject('modResource', $criteria)
modX->getDocuments modX->getCollection('modResource', $criteria)
or modX->getIterator('modResource', $criteria)
modX->getAllChildren() modX->getCollection('modResource', $criteria) , $criteria having where condition 'parent' = $id
modX->getActiveChildren() modX->getCollection('modResource', $criteria) , $criteria having where conditions 'parent' = $id, 'published' = 1, 'deleted' = 0
modX->getDocumentChildren() as above, modX->getCollection('modResource', $criteria) with specific criteria
modX->getDocumentChildrenTVars() to get document child resources and their TVs all at once: modResource->getMany('Children') and iterate the children and you can modResource->getTVValue(), or to get TVs of any modResource object: modResource->getTemplateVars(), or get a modTemplateVar with modX->getObject('modTemplateVar', array('name' => $tvName)) and then modTemplateVar->getValue($resourceId)/renderOutput($resourceId)
modX->getTemplateVar() modX->getObject('modTemplateVar', $criteria)
modX->getTemplateVars() modX->getCollection('modTemplateVar', $criteria)
modX->getTemplateVarOutput() use modTemplateVar->renderOutput() on a collection of modTemplateVar objects
modX->getParent() modX->getObject('modResource', $modx->resource->get('parent')) or pass in additional criteria as needed
modX->getPageInfo() modX->getObject('modResource', $criteria)
modX->getUserInfo() $user= $this->getObjectGraph('modUser', '{"Profile":{}}', $uid, true)
access fields of modUser and fields of related modUserProfile
modX->getWebUserInfo() as above
modX->changeWebUserPassword() modUser->changePassword()
modX->changePassword() modUser->changePassword()
modX->cleanDocumentIdentifier() modRequest->_cleanResourceIdentifier(), but is not a public API method (DO NOT USE)
modX->getDocumentIdentifier() modRequest->getResourceIdentifier()
modX->getDocumentMethod() modRequest->getResourceMethod()
modX->checkPreview() not valid anymore, removing for 2.1.0-rc1
modX->getManagerPath() Use modX->getOption('manager_url', null, MODX_MANAGER_URL)
modX->mergeDocumentContent() see modParser->processElementTags()
modX->mergeSettingsContent() see modParser->processElementTags()
modX->mergeChunkContent() see modParser->processElementTags()
modX->mergePlaceholderContent() see modParser->processElementTags()
modX->documentObject access via modX->resource->get($field) or modX->resource->$field directly for raw data
modX->documentIdentifier modX->resourceIdentifier
modX->documentMethod modX->resourceMethod
modX->documentContent modX->resource->getContent()
modX->documentGenerated modX->resourceGenerated
modX->dumpSQL see xPDOQuery->toSQL() (after xPDOQuery->prepare())
modKeyword classes and related code gone from framework, to be implemented more efficiently as developer sees fit
modMetatag classes and related code gone from framework, to be implemented more efficiently as developer sees fit
modElement->toPlaceholders() modX->toPlaceholders()
modManagerUser and related classes and code see modUser
modUserRole class and related code see Revo abac permissions
modWebUser and related classes and code see modUser
modEventLog class and modX->logEvent() see modX->log()
modLexiconFocus/Topic/Language and related classes and code see modLexicon and modLexiconEntry
modX->executeProcessor() see modX->runProcessor()
modTemplate->getTVs() modTemplate->getTemplateVars()

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