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Extends: Ext.tree.TreePanel Key Features: Remotely-loaded toolbars; drag-and-drop to form fields functionality; connector functionality for removing and dragging/sorting.

Trees provide a quick and easy way to display multiple levels of objects which have a parent-child relationship, such as users or resources.

Unique Parameters

MODx.tree.Tree has a few extra parameters not found in Ext.tree.TreePanel objects:

Name Description Default
url The URL to point the tree loader at. Optional if you pass in the data parameter.
rootName The text of the root node, if rootVisible is set to true.
rootId The ID of the root node. root
data Optional; if url is not set, data must be loaded in through here. []
remoteToolbar If true, will load the tree's toolbar via data loaded remotely. false
remoteToolbarUrl* The connector URL to load the toolbar from. Defaults to the tree's URL.
remoteToolbarAction* The processor action to load the toolbar from. getToolbar
useDefaultToolbar If remoteToolbar is false, this will load the default toolbar, which contains expand all, contract all, and refresh. Items passed to tbar property will be added after. false
menuConfig The config object to pass to the context menu loaded for this tree.
expandFirst If true, will expand the first level nodes on render. true
removeAction* The processor action to take when removing a node. remove
removeTitle* The title for the remove dialog when removing a node. Warning!
primaryKey The primary key for the node. Usually is id. id
sortAction The processor action to take when sorting nodes via drag/drop. sort
toolbarItemCls* The CSS class to add to remoteToolbar loaded items. x-btn-icon
  • = MODX Revolution 2.1+ Only

Custom Events

The custom events fired by MODx.tree.Tree are:

Name Description
beforeSort Fired before the tree sends off the sorted nodes to the sort processor. Passed the sorted nodes, encoded.
afterSort Fired after the tree node sorting happens. Passes: - event - The drop event
- result - The response object from the sort processor.

Other Unique Features


Sorting is automatically enabled by default in MODx.tree.Tree objects. To disable, set enableDD to false in your config. After a drag/drop, the tree will fire off the encoded nodes to a sort processor, with the same connector as the tree URL.

Remote Toolbar Loading

Toolbars can be loaded remotely, using the remoteToolbar config parameter. This will load the data from a processor loaded by the remoteToolbarAction config var, which defaults to "getToolbar".

Drag/Drop to MODx.FormPanel Fields

Nodes can be dragged into MODx.FormPanel fields, assuming that the following is passed into the config var:

,enableDD: true
,ddGroup: 'modx-treedrop-dd'

and that the node has an attribute of 'type', which is one of the following values: modResource,snippet,chunk,tv,file.

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