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Event: OnBeforeWebLogout

Fires right before a user logs out of a non-mgr context. The logout hasn't occured yet.

  • Service: 3 - Web Access Events
  • Group: None

Event Parameters

Name Description
& user A reference to the modUser object of the user. Passed by reference
userid The user ID of the user. (deprecated)
username The username of the user. (deprecated)
& loginContext The context key this logout is occurring in. Passed by reference
& addContexts Additional contexts in which the logout is also occuring in. Passed by reference


Такой плагин запишет в "Журнал ошибок" id вышедшего пользователя и откуда он вышел:

$eventName = $modx->event->name;
switch($eventName) {
    case 'OnBeforeWebLogout':
        $u = $user->get('id');
        $modx->log(modX::LOG_LEVEL_ERROR, 'User with id '.$u.' logged out in context '.$loginContext.' and also in these'.print_r($addContexts));

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