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Example for MoneyBird Invoices:


You can also specify the templates:

[[!MoneyBirdInvoices? &tpl=`mbInvoice` &outerTpl=`mbInvoices`]]

See the snippet properties below for more options.


MoneyBirdInvoices comes with some configuration properties you can set to adjust the way it behaves.

Name Description Default
tpl (Req.) The template chunk for each single invoice entry mbInvoice
outerTpl (Opt.) The outer template for all invoice entries in the list (Use [[+wrapper]]) mbInvoices
toPlaceholder (Opt.) A placeholder name to set with the output instead of returning it
outputSeparator (Opt.) How to separate the content from the next. Default to newline ("\n")
limit (Opt.) To limit the results. Only applied when greater then 0. 0
offset (Opt.) From where to start with the listing. 0
totalVar (Opt.) The placeholder name of the placeholder containing the absolute total. Default set to "total". total
filterKey (Opt.) The name of the key to bind the filter on. Default set to "mbc". mbc
cacheExpire (Opt.) The time when the cache is expired and rebuild. Default set to 86400 (24 hours). Smallest is 900 (15 minutes) 86400

See Also

  1. MoneyBird.Contacts
  2. MoneyBird.Invoices
  3. MoneyBird.NrFormat

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