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SocialSuiteis a collection of useful tools for integrating various social media into your MODX website.

getTwitter Profile is a snippet, part of SocialSuite, which returns all sorts of information about a user on Twitter.

getTwitterProfile seems to be broken right now.. will update once resolved

Snippet Properties

Property Default Description
user The username, ID or shortname of a user or page to look up information for.
cache 1 To cache or not to cache, that's the question. (set to 0 to disable caching)
cacheExpires 3600 Time in seconds for the cache to be valid.
showAvailableData 0 Enable this (by setting it to 1) to see a dump of all data available for the selected user. Helpful in choosing your placeholders.
toPlaceholders 0 Enable this (by setting it to 1) to set all data to placeholders so you can use them in existing markup. This will DISABLE parsing the chunk specified with &tpl.
toPlaceholdersPrefix tw A prefix to apply to placeholders when using toPlaceholders.
tpl Name of a chunk to parse with the placeholders (when toPlaceholders=0).

Example Usage

[[!getTwitterProfile? &user=`modx` &showAvailableData=`1` &toPlaceholders=`1`]]

returns the following:

<currently erroring>

And allows you to do something like this:

Twitter Name: [[!+tw.name]]<br />
Likes: [[!+tw.likes]]

which outputs something like this:

Twitter Name: MODX
Likes: 2348

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