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The Discuss xPDO model can be viewed on Github. This page highlights the most important fields for the most important objects for reference of other documentation materials. Please note that this document lists types as the phptype in the schema: the way the developer or user interacts with it, not necessarily the way it is stored.

View the entire (XML xPDO) schema on Github.

disCategory - Categories

Field Type (length) Description
name string (255) Name of the category
description string Description of the category
collapsible bool (10) If the category should be allowed to be collapsible or not.
rank int (10) Sort order for categories
default_moderators string
default_usergroups string
integrated_id int (10) Old ID for when data has been imported.

disBoard - Boards

Fieldname Type (length) Description
category integer (10) ID of the category (disCategory) this board belongs to
parent integer (10) ID of the board this board is a child off
name string (255) Name of the board
description text Description of the board. Can probably contain HTML.
last_post integer (10) ID of the last post in this board.
num_topics integer (10) Number of topics that exist in this board.
num_replies integer (10) Number of the replies that exist in this board.
total_posts integer (10) Number of posts that exist in this board.
ignorable boolean (10) Wether this board can be ignored by users or not.
rank integer (10) Sort order for boards.
map string (255) ??
minimum_post_level integer (10) ?? all, member, moderator or administrator? 0/1/2/3?
status integer (4) Status of the board (active, inactive or archived)
locked boolean (10) Wether this board is locked for posts or not.
integrated_id integer (10) ??
rtl boolean (10) Wether this board should use right to left formatting or not.

disThread - Threads

Fieldname Type (length) Description
class_key string (120) The type of thread, defaults to disThreadDiscussion
board integer (10) ID of the board this thread lives in
title string (255) Name of the board
post_first integer (10) ID of the first post in the thread (also the parent for threaded posts)
post_last integer (10) ID of the last post in the thread.
post_last_on integer (11) UNIX timestamp of when the last post was added.
author_first integer (10) ID of the user that created the first post in the thread.
author_last integer (10) ID of the user that created the last post in the thread.
replies integer (10) Amount of replies on the thread.
views integer (10) Amount of views on the thread.
locked integer (10) ?? Should probably be a boolean indicating a locked thread.
answered boolean (true/false) Wether the thread was answered
sticky integer (10) ?? Should probably be a boolean indicating a stickied thread.
private boolean (true/false) Wether the thread is private or not
users mediumtext Comma separated list of users involved in the thread.
last_view_ip string (120) Last IP that viewed the thread
integrated_id integer (10) ??
participants text similar to users?

This class is extended by:

  • disThreadDiscussion
  • disThreadQuestion

disPost - Posts

Field Type (length) Description
board int ID of the disBoard the post is in
thread int ID of the disThread the post belongs to
parent int ID of the disPost that is the parent of this object. There is always one root post with a parent of 0 which is the first post in the thread, others are threaded and usually referencing the last post on the thread.
title string (255) Title of the post, usually "Re: <name of thread>" but can be different depending on reply forms.
message string The posts' content.
author int ID of the disUser object who authored the post.
createdon int Unix timestamp of the time this post was created
editedon int Unix timestampe of the time this post was edited (if it was edited, that is)
editedby int ID of the disUser object who edited the post.
icon string (255) ?? Unused
allow_replies bool (1 0)
rank string Ranking order within thread.
ip string (255) IP of the poster
integrated_id int Used for keeping IDs from imports.
depth int (10) Depth of the current post inside the threaded model.
answer bool (1 0)

disPostAttachment - Attachments

Field Type (length) Description
post int (10) ID of the post this attachment was added to
board int (10) ID of the board the post is in
filename string (255) Name and path to the file
createdon date When the attachment was added
filesize int (10) Size of the attachment.. guess in bytes.
downloads int (10) Amount of downloads
integrated_id int (10) ID of the attachment if imported.
integrated_data string Extra data of an attachment import

disUser - Users

In sso mode this is automatically synced with your MODX users (modUser).

Field Type (length) Description
user int ID of the modUser account this user belongs to.
username string (120) Username of the user.
password string (120) Password of the user.
email string (200) Email of the user.
ip string (120) The IP last used to login to this account.
createdon date string The time this user was created (registered / imported)
name_first string (100) First name of the user
name_last string (100) Last name of the user
gender string (10) Gender of the user
birthdate date string The date the user was born
website string (255) website of the user
location string (255) Location the user lives
status int (10) Status of the user, one of the following: 0 (INACTIVE), 1 (ACTIVE), 2 (UNCONFIRMED), 3 (BANNED), 4 (AWAITING_MODERATION). Use the Discuss::STATUS_NAME constants when referencing in code.
confirmed bool (1 0)
confirmedon date When the user was confirmed
last_login date When the user last logged in to the forums
last_active date When the user was last active in the forums
ignore_boards string Comma separated list of boards the user wants to ignore.
signature string Signature of the user.
title string (255) Title.
avatar string Link to avatar
avatar_service string (255) Name/reference to service used for avatar (gravatar by default)
thread_last_visited int (10) ID of the thread the user last visited
synced bool (1 0)
syncedat date When the user was last synced
salt string (255) user salt
integrated_Id int (10) Old storage of IDs for importing
display_name string (255) Name the user entered to be used for display
use_display_name bool (1 0)

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