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The Home controller is the main forum overview. It contains listings of categories and boards within them, and can also contain an overview of recent posts.

Basic Information

Since Version 1.0
Controller File controllers/web/home.class.php
Controller Class Name DiscussHomeController
Controller Template pages/home.tpl
Manifest Name home


If you don't know what the manifest is, please go back to the Getting Started document. The options below need to go into the "board" options array of the manifest.

Key Default Description
showBoards true Choose if you want to see boards or not... you'll probably want this :) Gets set to the [[+boards]] placeholder.
showRecentPosts false Enable if you want to get recent posts in the [[+recent_posts]] placeholder. Uses the postTpl (default=post/disThreadLi) chunk for each post.
showLogoutActionButton false If enabled sets a [[+discuss.authLink]] placeholder (including <a> tag) to log the user out. The [[+discuss.authLink]] placeholder is available by default for login.
showLoginForm false If enabled sets a [[+discuss.loginForm]] placeholder with the contents of the dislogin chunk.
hideIndexBreadcrumbs false If enabled, the breadcrumbs will be hidden on the homepage.
Recent Posts
postTpl post/disThreadLi Chunk used for each individual post.
limit 10 Amount of recent posts to view.
lastPostTpl board/disLastPostBy Fills the [[+lastPost]] placeholder. Available placeholders:
- createdon
- user (disUser ID)
- username
- thread (ID)
- id (last post ID)
- url (URL to the last post0
- author_link
 Array('createdon' => strftime($modx->getOption('discuss.date_format'),strtotime($board['last_post_createdon'])),
 'user' => $board['last_post_author'],
 'username' => $username,
 'thread' => $board['last_post_thread'],
 'id' => $board['last_post_id'],
 'url' => $board['last_post_url'],
 'author_link' => $canViewProfiles ? '<a href="'.$discuss->request->makeUrl('u/'.$board['last_post_username']).'">'.$username.'</a>' : $username,
 'createdon' => strftime($modx->getOption('discuss.date_format'),strtotime($board\['last_post_createdon'\])),
 'user' => $board['last_post_author'],
 'username' => $username,
 'thread' => $board['last_post_thread'],
 'id' => $board['last_post_id'],
 'url' => $board['last_post_url'],
 'author_link' => $canViewProfiles ? '<a class="dis-last-post-by" href="'.$discuss->request->makeUrl('u/'.$board['last_post_username']).'">'.$username.'</a>' : $username,

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