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The PeopleGroup Snippet

This snippet displays a User Group and the Users within it.


Display the User Group "HR Department", along with its Users:

[[PeopleGroup? &usergroup=`HR Department` &toPlaceholder=`users`]]

<h2>[[+peoplegroups.name]] ([[+peoplegroups.userCount]] Users)</h2>


Available Properties

Name Description Default
userTpl The Chunk to use for each User. pplGroupUser
limit The number of user groups to limit per call. Defaults to 10. Set to 0 to show all. 0
start The start index to begin with when limiting. 0
sortBy The field name to sort by.) username
sortByAlias The class to use with the sort field. modUser
sortDir The direction to sort by. ASC
cls Will append this CSS class to each item. ppl-user
altCls Optional. If set, will append this CSS class to every even item.
firstCls Optional. If set, will append this CSS class to the first item.
lastCls Optional. If set, will append this CSS class to the last item.
placeholderPrefix The prefix to use when setting global placeholders, such as total. peoplegroups.
outputSeparator The separator between each user record.
toPlaceholder Optional. If set, will set the output to this placeholder and return empty.
userClass The class name of the Users object. modUser
getProfile If true, will also get the Profile fields for each User. 0
profileAlias The class alias of the Profile object. Profile

PeopleGroup Chunks

The only chunk used in the PeopleGroup snippet is the &userTpl property, which uses the default of pplGroupUser.


Show all the Users of the User Group "Marketing", but sort by Role Authority instead of username:


<h2>Users in [[+ug.name]]</h2>


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