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getArchives tpl Chunk

This is the Chunk displayed with the &tpl property on the Archivist snippet.

Default Value

<div class="post">
    <h2 class="title"><a href="[[~[[+id]]]]">[[+pagetitle]]</a></h2>
    <p class="post-info">Posted by [[+createdby:userinfo=`fullname`]]</p>
    <div class="entry">
    <p class="postmeta">
      <span class="links">
<a href="[[~[[+id]]]]" class="readmore">Read more</a>
| <span class="date">[[+publishedon:strtotime:date=`%b %d, %Y`]]</span>

Available Placeholders

Any field on a Resource is available to use as a property. The Chunk is similar to how getResources's tpl property works.

See Also

  1. Archivist.Archivist
    1. Archivist.Archivist.tpl
  2. Archivist.ArchivistGrouper
  3. Archivist.getArchives
    1. Archivist.getArchives.tpl

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