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Event: OnBeforeDocFormSave

Fires before a Resource is saved in the manager via the editing form. This allows code to prevent the saving of a document.

  • Service: 1 - Parser Service Events
  • Group: Documents

Be Careful with TVs Changing or inserting TV values is better done OnDocFormSave as the process for saving TVs during onBeforeDocFormSave is more complicated due to TV values being rendered.

Plugins tied to this event should return null on success. Any value returned will be sent to the logs as an error (but the page will still be saved).

You may also pass a message to the $modx->event->output() function and this will be displayed to the user in a modal pop-up window. If you pass a value here, the page will not be saved!

Text Only If you pass a value to the $modx->event->output(), it must be text only! HTML tags are not allowed: they will cause the modal window to hang.

Event Parameters

Name Description
mode Either 'new' or 'upd', depending on the circumstances.
resource A reference to the modResource object.
id The ID of the Resource. Will be 0 for new Resources.


Require a Field

if (empty($resource->longtitle)) {
    $modx->event->output('Long title is required!'); // to modal window
    return '[MyPlugin] Failed to save page id '.$id.' due to missing longtitle'; // to the error log

Calculate a Field Value

if ($resource->get('parent') == 123) {
    $resource->set('template', 4);

Such a plugin will not allow the creation of new resources, and will not save resources that are not filled introtext:

$eventName = $modx->event->name;
switch($eventName) {
    case 'OnBeforeDocFormSave':
        if ($mode == modSystemEvent::MODE_UPD) {
            //if not filled introtext
            if (!$resource->get('introtext')){
                $modx->event->output("You have not forgotten your head at home, but you have forgotten about the 'Keywords'!");
        } elseif ($mode == modSystemEvent::MODE_NEW) {
            $modx->event->output("You cannot create resources!");

Such a plugin will set the value of the field template=1 for all resources located in the root, i.e. parent=0:

$eventName = $modx->event->name;
switch($eventName) {
    case 'OnBeforeDocFormSave':
        if ($resource->get('parent') == 0) {
            $resource->set('template', '1');

Saving Not! Happens Automatically You should run the $resource->save() method additionally, as that doesn't happen automatically.

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