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Event: OnDocFormRender

Fires after a Resource editing form is loaded in the manager. Useful for inserting HTML into forms, and as of 2.4 for setting several default values on new resources

  • Service: 1 - Parser Service Events
  • Group: Documents

Event Parameters

Name Description
mode Either 'new' or 'upd', depending on the circumstance.
resource A reference to the modResource object. Since 2.4, this will contain an empty resource object when creating a new resource. Before 2.4 this would be null.
id The ID of the Resource. Will be 0 for new Resources.

Setting Default Resource Values

As of Revolution 2.4.0, you can use a plugin OnDocFormRender for setting a value for one of the following fields:

  • pagetitle
  • longtitle
  • description
  • introtext
  • content
  • link_attributes
  • alias
  • menutitle

It is advised to only do this on new resources, as any values you set will override existing resource values.

Here is how you might use it:

$eventName = $modx->event->name;
switch($eventName) {
    case 'OnDocFormRender':
        if ($mode == modSystemEvent::MODE_NEW) {
            //устанавливаем значения по умолчанию
            $resource->set('pagetitle', 'Heading');
            $resource->set('description', 'Description');
            $resource->set('content', 'Content');

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