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GalleryAlbums' rowTpl Chunk

This chunk is used for each Album iterated through by the GalleryAlbums snippet.

Default Value

<li[[+cls:notempty=``]]><a href="[[~[[*id]]? &[[+albumRequestVar]]=`[[+id]]`]]">[[+showName:notempty=`[[+name]]`]]</a></li>

Available Placeholders

Name Description
id The ID of the Album.
name The name of the Album.
parent The parent ID of the Album. Defaults to 0.
description The description of the Album.
createdon A timestamp of when the Album was created.
createdby The ID of the User that created this Album.
rank The 'rank', or order, in which this Album is stored as.
active Whether or not this Album is marked "Active". Can be 1 or 0.
prominent Whether or not this Album is marked "Prominent". Can be 1 or 0.
albumRequestVar The albumRequestVar parameter passed to the GalleryAlbums snippet. Defaults to galAlbum.
image The link to an image as determined by the GalleryAlbums snippet.

When you use the image placeholder in your template as the source for an image tag, it doesn't seem to obey the thumbnail properties given in the snippet-call. But no worries, you can add them yourself as this image-placeholder is actually a call to phpthumb. So, lets say you want your thumbnail to be 240x160 with zoomcrop, you can do:

<img src="[[+image]]&w=240&h=160&zc=1" alt="[[+name]]" />

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