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FirstChildRedirect is a snippet that will redirect a certain resource to its first child resource. There is a version for both Revolution and Evolution, of which the Revolution one allows more easy customization.

Installation & bugs

FirstChildRedirect can be installed through the MODX Revolution Package Manager, or installed manually by downloading the package from the MODX Extras website, uploading it to core/packages and adding a new package through the package manager from a local search.

FirstChildRedirect is also available for MODX Evolution, however that does not support all additional parameters as described below.

Snippet usage

The snippet is really easy to use, just call uncached it in the content or template of the container resource you want to redirect to its first child.


Alternatively, you can specify one or more parameters in the snippet call which influence how the redirect will be handled.

Parameter Evo/Revo Details Default
&docid Yes/Yes Setting a docid parameter to another resource's ID will tell the snippet to use that resource as the container to look in for the first child. current resource ID (ie [[*id]])
&default No*/Yes The resource to redirect to when there are no children resources found. This can be either a resource ID or one of the following settings: site_start, site_unavailable_page, error_page or unauthorized_page. * In Evolution, this also defaults to site_start and can be modified in the actual snippet code if required. Just find $modx->config['site_start'] and replace that by an ID or one of the system settings mentioned. site_start setting
&sortBy No/Yes Any valid resource fieldname to sort the children found on. menuindex setting
&sortDir No/Yes Either 'desc' for descending (redirects to highest menuindex or &sortBy field found) or 'asc' for ascending (redirects to lowest menuindex or &sortBy field found). "asc"
&responseCode No/Yes The response code (status code) for sending the redirect. Defaults to a 301 ("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently") but also contains shortcuts for 302 (temporarily) - you can also specify the complete response code (including the HTTP part and name) for others. Added in 2.3.1. 301

Using &sortBy=RAND() seems to work in 2.1.3 :)

This is good for A/B Split Testing, for example.

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