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selfLink is a simple snippet for MODX Revolution which can help create links or anchors to a page by direction like 'up', 'next' and 'previous'.

selfLink was first released on March 8, 2011 and was created by Bert Oost.


selfLink was created as a Revolution snippet, and should function on all versions since 2.0.0. If you notice inconsistencies in certain versions, please inform the developer on the forum topic.

Download & Installation

To get started using the selfLink snippet, simply go to System -> Package Manager -> Add new extra -> provider: modxcms.com -> MODX add-ons -> Content and find selfLink. Download the package, and install it in the main package manager workspace.

selfLink is an easy to use snippet which can be used in a few different ways using the parameters.

Parameter Description Default value
direction Enter one of the values like 'up', 'next' or 'previous
id (optional) Enter the ID of the resource where the link must be from Current page ID
tpl (optional) The chunkname to use for the link presentation <a href="...">Title</a>
linktext (optional) Alternative link text. When not entered, the resource pagetitle is used


Minimum call for getting a link to the next resource in the tree

[[selfLink? &direction=`next`]]

External sources

Forum topic for selfLink 0.1-rc1: (soon)

Github repository: https://github.com/bertoost/MODx-SelfLink

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