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How the MIGXdb TV-input-type works

With MIGXdb you can manage records of custom-tables.

The visible records in the grid, can be related to the resource, which you are editing, by default joined with the field 'resource_id' in your custom table.

Each field of your db-record can have a TV-input-type in the editor-window. This is configurable by the MIGX-configurator and/or by config files for more advanced situations.

For each input-field you can use TV-input-types for example:

  • image-TV
  • checkbox-TV
  • dropdown-TV
  • richtext-TV
  • radio-TV

and most other TV-input-types and also custom-TV-input-types.

MIGXdb does also have a little package-management-tool and you can use MIGXdb to create CMPs to manage custom-tables.

It has a configurable default-grid and some default-processors. Its possible to add context-menues, action-buttons and related functions with clicking some checkboxes. You can also create own context-menues, action-buttons, and functions, which will be reusable for different grids. Of course you can also use your complete own extjs-grid and your own processors.

Installation Package-Manager / MIGX-Configurator CMP

Create a new action


right-click 'migx' ->create Action here

controller: index

Create a new menu


right-click 'Components' ->Place Action here

  • lexicon key: migx
  • action: migx - index
  • parameters: &configs=packagemanager||migxconfigs||setup

Setup for Revo 2.3 +

System->Top Menu, select 'Components', click 'Create Menu'

  • lexicon key: migx
  • action: index
  • parameters: &configs=packagemanager||migxconfigs||setup
  • namespace: migx

to make sure the configuration-table is created and up to date, go to components -> migx -> setup-tab -> click 'setup'

Upgrading from MIGX - versions prior 2.0

first, make a backup of your db-tables, specially the modx_site_tmplvar_contentvalues - table, go to components -> migx -> setup-tab, go to tab upgrade. click 'upgrade'. This will add a new autoincrementing field MIGX_id to all your MIGX-TV-items The getImageList-snippet needs this field to work correctly.

Configure your first MIGXdb - setup

The best way to learn how to setup MIGXdb is, to walk thrue all steps in a little tutorial from creating the db-schema and a table to its management by a MIGXdb-TV.

see MIGXdb-Tutorials

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