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The Amazon S3 Media Source Type

This media source type allows you to connect to an Amazon S3 bucket.

Available Properties

Name Description
url Required. The URL to the Amazon S3 instance. Often http://myaccount.s3.amazonaws.com/ or https://s3.amazonaws.com/myaccount/. If you're having issues seeing thumbnails but it works properly, make sure the url ends with a slash.
bucket Required. The bucket to connect the source to.
key Required. The Amazon key used for authentication to the bucket.
secret_key Required. The Amazon secret key for authentication to the bucket.
imageExtensions A list of file extensions that can be made into thumbnails. Default Value: jpg,jpeg,png,gif
thumbnailType When a thumbnail is displayed, the type of image it will be rendered as.Default Value: png
thumbnailQuality The quality of the rendered thumbnail, on a scale from 0-100. Default Value: 90
skipFiles A comma-separated list of filenames to skip when browsing the source. Default Value: .svn,.git,_notes,nbproject,.idea,.DS_Store

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