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Extends:Ext.form.ComboBox Key Features: Remote and local data stores; grid renderer.

The MODExt ComboBox class contains all of the functionality of a regular Ext ComboBox. It may be populated remotely by an array of JSON objects from a connector (default), or locally (using a basic Javascript array or an Ext ArrayStore, with the "mode" config option set to "local").

One unique feature of the MODx ComboBox class is the built-in renderer for grids. It allows developers to use a ComboBox as a grid editor, and automatically takes care of displaying the correct displayValue in the grid cell:

Unique Parameters

The unique parameters for the class are simply pass-thru parameters to the data store for the combo:

Name Description Default
url The URL to the connector.
baseParams Any other parameters to always send to the connector. {}
fields The fields, in array format, you expect from the connector response. []

The class also inherits all Ext.form.ComboBox properties.

Using the Grid Renderer

MODx.combo.ComboBox also comes with a built-in renderer for usage in grids. To use in, in your grid's column model defintion, simply specify renderer: true in the editor definition, like so:

  header: _('usergroup')
  ,dataIndex: 'usergroup'
  ,width: 140
  ,editor: { xtype: 'modx-combo-usergroup' ,renderer: true}

An example of a local data combo box would be:

Units Combo Box

Doodles.combo.Units = function(config) {
    config = config || {};
        store: new Ext.data.ArrayStore({
            id: 0
            ,fields: ['unit','display']
            ,data: [
        ,mode: 'local'
        ,displayField: 'display'
        ,valueField: 'unit'

'store' is used to create your 'fields' and 'data', the optional 'mode' must be set to 'local' for this method.

And to view that combo box:

Combo Call From Grid

            header: _('unit')
            ,dataIndex: 'unit'
            ,sortable: false
            ,width: 50
            ,editor: { xtype: 'doodle-combo-units', renderer: true }

Combo Call From Window

            xtype: 'doodle-combo-units'
            ,fieldLabel: _('unit')
            ,name: 'unit'
            ,hiddenName: 'unit'
            ,anchor: '100%'

hiddenName must be set when calling from a create or update window to save the value, but is not needed in the grid view.

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