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Importing an Option Set is done with a specific with a fred-import key in the JSON import object.

  • Only partial Option Sets can be imported
  • Import only works for Settings
  • The entire import object will be replaced by the

Full import

The use case for a full import, versus defining a complete Option Set, is if you have a base set of options that are identical across many Elements, including one that only uses the base options. An example of this would be a site that has call to action buttons in many Elements, including one that is just a single CTA button.

Full Settings import for a CTA-button-only Element

    "settings": {
        "fred-import": "cta_settings"

cta_settings partial Option Set

        "name": "cta_class",
        "label": "CTA Class",
        "type": "select",
        "options": {
            "danger": "Red CTA",
            "info": "Blue CTA",
            "default": "Default CTA"
        "value": "default"
        "name": "show_cta",
        "label": "Show CTA",
        "type": "toggle",
        "value": false

Partial import

You can import specfic frequently used partial option sub-sets into a Complete Option Set.

Complete Option Set

Note, the cta_settings import is defined above.

    "settings": [
            "name": "panel_class",
            "label": "Panel Class",
            "type": "text",
            "value": ""
            "fred-import": "cta_settings"
            "fred-import": "text_color"

text_color partial Option Set

    "name": "color",
    "label": "Text Color",
    "type": "colorswatch",
    "value": "black",
    "options": [
        { "value": "primary", "color": "blue", "label": "Primary" },

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