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What is Breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs is a simple navigation trail Snippet for MODX Revolution. With it, you can easily add a simple breadcrumb trail anywhere in your pages.


  • MODX Revolution 2.0.0-beta5 or later
  • PHP5 or later


Breadcrumbs has been around since the start of MODX 0.9.1, or MODX Evolution, with its first release on June 30th, 2006. It has had many different authors since its inception.

Public Releases

Version Date Author Product
1.1-beta3 November 23rd, 2009 splittingred Revolution
1.1-beta2 November 5th, 2009 splittingred Revolution
1.1-beta1 May 21st, 2009 splittingred Revolution
1.0-alpha4 April 21st, 2009 splittingred Revolution
1.0-alpha3 March 24th, 2009 splittingred Revolution
1.0.1 April 25th, 2008 jaredc Evolution
1.0.0 April 22nd, 2008 jaredc Evolution
0.9g March 26th, 2008 webe Evolution
0.9f January 17th, 2008 jaredc Evolution
0.9e January 11th, 2008 jaredc Evolution
0.9d July 12th, 2006 jaredc Evolution
0.91 July 10th, 2006 tillda Evolution
0.9c June 30th, 2006 jaredc Evolution


It can be downloaded from within the MODX Revolution manager via Package Management, or from the MODX Extras Repository, here: https://modx.com/extras/package/breadcrumbs


The Breadcrumbs snippet can be called using the tags:

Name Description Default
crumbSeparator Define what you want between the crumbs. »
currentAsLink If you want the current page crumb to be a link (to itself) "1" for true, "0" for false (without quotes) 1
descField To change default page field to be used as a breadcrumb description, default is description. Falls back to pagetitle if description is empty. description
homeCrumbDescription In case you want to have a custom description of the home link. Defaults to title of home link. Home
homeCrumbTitle Just in case you want to have a home link, but want to call it something else. Home
maxCrumbs Max number of elements to have in a path. 100 is an arbitrary high number. If you make it smaller, like say 2, but you are 5 levels deep, it will appear as: Home > ... > Level 4 > Level 5 It should be noted that "Home" and the current page do not count. Each of these are configured separately. 100
maxDelimiter The string that will show if the maximum number of breadcrumbs has been shown. ...
pathThruUnPub When your path includes an unpublished folder, setting this to true will show all resources in path EXCEPT the unpublished. Example path (unpublished in caps): home > news > CURRENT > SPORTS > skiiing > article $pathThruUnPub = true would give you this: home > news > skiiing > article $pathThruUnPub = false would give you this: home > skiiing > article (assuming you have home crumb turned on) 1
respectHidemenu If true, will hide items in the breadcrumbs that are set to be hidden in menus. 1
showCrumbsAtHome You can use this to toggle the breadcrumbs on the home page. 0
showCurrentCrumb Show the current page in path. 1
showHomeCrumb Would you like your crumb string to start with a link to home? Some would not because a home link is usually found in the site logo or elsewhere in the navigation scheme. 1
titleField To change default page field to be used as a breadcrumb title. Defaults to pagetitle. pagetitle

The output is an unordered list with microdata (see http://diveintohtml5.info/extensibility.html for more information) that can be styled using the following class names.

Classname Description
B_crumbBox Span that surrounds all crumb output
B_hideCrumb Span surrounding the "..." if there are more crumbs than will be shown
B_currentCrumb Span or A tag surrounding the current crumb
B_firstCrumb Span that always surrounds the first crumb, whether it is "home" or not
B_lastCrumb Span surrounding last crumb, whether it is the current page or not .
B_crumb Class given to each A tag surrounding the intermediate crumbs (not home, or hide)
B_homeCrumb Class given to the home crumb


Show breadcrumbs with a pipeline | for a separator.

[[Breadcrumbs? &crumbSeparator=`|`]]

In MODX Revolution 2.2, the &respectHidemenu property value must be given as 0 or 1 rather than true or false. I haven't tested this in other versions, but the 2.2 site I'm working on now would not adhere to the property's settings using true or false.

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