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Often we have the problem with lots of Resources, in the Resource-Tree to be very confused at some point and we wish, we would have a better way to manage them in a paginated grid view.

In this Tuorial we will learn how to create a CMP (custom manager page), where you can manage events, which are child-resources of a resource-folder.


First off we will need to install MIGX by package-management, if not allready done, and do some basic configurations. Minimum Required version: MIGX 2.3.2 (10.09.2012)

Download and install this package: migxchildresources rename the folder core/components/migxchildresources/ to core/components/migxresourceevents/

Create the Configuration

Now we want to create our configuration for the MIGXdb-TV.

Go to the main-tab MIGX

There should be an grid with some buttons.

We click Add item

In the opening window we add:

Name: events - this is the name of our configuration. Make sure to use unique configuration-names. "Add Item" Replacement: Add Event - this is the text on our 'Add Item' - Button unique MIGX ID: events - Its a good idea to have a unique MIGX - id for all your MIGX-configs.

Click Done

We should see a new created record in our grid. We could edit this record and add grid-columns and tabs and other stuff by right-clicking and choose 'edit', but we want to go the faster way by just importing our example-configuration.

Right-Click our record and choose Export/Import

Add this code into the one field 'Json' :

  "formtabs": "[{\"MIGX_id\":\"1\",\"caption\":\"Event\",\"fields\":\"[{\\\"MIGX_id\\\":\\\"1\\\",\\\"field\\\":\\\"pagetitle\\\",\\\"caption\\\":\\\"Pagetitle\\\",\\\"inputTV\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputTVtype\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"configs\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"sourceFrom\\\":\\\"config\\\",\\\"sources\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputOptionValues\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"default\\\":\\\"\\\"},{\\\"MIGX_id\\\":\\\"7\\\",\\\"field\\\":\\\"location\\\",\\\"caption\\\":\\\"Location\\\",\\\"inputTV\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputTVtype\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"configs\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"sourceFrom\\\":\\\"config\\\",\\\"sources\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputOptionValues\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"default\\\":\\\"\\\"},{\\\"MIGX_id\\\":\\\"3\\\",\\\"field\\\":\\\"eventstart\\\",\\\"caption\\\":\\\"Start\\\",\\\"inputTV\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputTVtype\\\":\\\"date\\\",\\\"configs\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"sourceFrom\\\":\\\"config\\\",\\\"sources\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputOptionValues\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"default\\\":\\\"\\\"},{\\\"MIGX_id\\\":\\\"4\\\",\\\"field\\\":\\\"eventend\\\",\\\"caption\\\":\\\"End\\\",\\\"inputTV\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputTVtype\\\":\\\"date\\\",\\\"configs\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"sourceFrom\\\":\\\"config\\\",\\\"sources\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputOptionValues\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"default\\\":\\\"\\\"},{\\\"MIGX_id\\\":\\\"5\\\",\\\"field\\\":\\\"template\\\",\\\"caption\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputTV\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputTVtype\\\":\\\"hidden\\\",\\\"configs\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"sourceFrom\\\":\\\"config\\\",\\\"sources\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputOptionValues\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"default\\\":\\\"6\\\"},{\\\"MIGX_id\\\":\\\"2\\\",\\\"field\\\":\\\"parent\\\",\\\"caption\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputTV\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputTVtype\\\":\\\"hidden\\\",\\\"configs\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"sourceFrom\\\":\\\"config\\\",\\\"sources\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputOptionValues\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"default\\\":\\\"25\\\"},{\\\"MIGX_id\\\":\\\"6\\\",\\\"field\\\":\\\"context_key\\\",\\\"caption\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputTV\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputTVtype\\\":\\\"hidden\\\",\\\"configs\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"sourceFrom\\\":\\\"config\\\",\\\"sources\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputOptionValues\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"default\\\":\\\"web\\\"}]\"},{\"MIGX_id\":\"2\",\"caption\":\"Content\",\"fields\":\"[{\\\"MIGX_id\\\":\\\"1\\\",\\\"field\\\":\\\"content\\\",\\\"caption\\\":\\\"Content\\\",\\\"inputTV\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputTVtype\\\":\\\"richtext\\\",\\\"configs\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"sourceFrom\\\":\\\"config\\\",\\\"sources\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"inputOptionValues\\\":\\\"\\\",\\\"default\\\":\\\"\\\"}]\"}]",
  "contextmenus": "",
  "actionbuttons": "addItem||toggletrash",
  "columnbuttons": "update||publish||unpublish||recall_remove_delete",
  "filters": "[{\"MIGX_id\":\"1\",\"name\":\"eventsfilter\",\"label\":\"eventsfilter\",\"emptytext\":\"-- Filter Events --\",\"type\":\"combobox\",\"getlistwhere\":\"[[migxFilterevents]]\",\"getcomboprocessor\":\"getTVcombo\",\"combotextfield\":\"eventsfiltercombo\",\"comboidfield\":\"\",\"comboparent\":\"\"}]",
  "extended": {
    "migx_add": "Create Event",
    "formcaption": "Event",
    "win_id": "events",
    "multiple_formtabs": "",
    "packageName": "migxresourceevents",
    "classname": "modResource",
    "task": "",
    "getlistsort": "",
    "getlistsortdir": "",
    "use_custom_prefix": "0",
    "prefix": "",
    "grid": "",
    "gridload_mode": "1",
    "check_resid": "1",
    "check_resid_TV": "",
    "join_alias": "",
    "getlistwhere": "{\"parent\":\"25\"}",
    "joins": "",
    "cmpmaincaption": "Events",
    "cmptabcaption": "Events",
    "cmptabdescription": "Manage your events here",
    "cmptabcontroller": ""
  "columns": "[{\"MIGX_id\":\"1\",\"header\":\"ID\",\"dataIndex\":\"id\",\"width\":\"10\",\"renderer\":\"\",\"sortable\":\"true\",\"show_in_grid\":\"1\"},{\"MIGX_id\":\"2\",\"header\":\"Pagetitle\",\"dataIndex\":\"pagetitle\",\"width\":\"30\",\"renderer\":\"this.renderRowActions\",\"sortable\":\"true\",\"show_in_grid\":\"1\"},{\"MIGX_id\":\"7\",\"header\":\"Location\",\"dataIndex\":\"location\",\"width\":\"20\",\"renderer\":\"\",\"sortable\":\"false\",\"show_in_grid\":\"1\"},{\"MIGX_id\":\"5\",\"header\":\"Start\",\"dataIndex\":\"eventstart\",\"width\":\"20\",\"renderer\":\"this.renderDate\",\"sortable\":\"true\",\"show_in_grid\":\"1\"},{\"MIGX_id\":\"6\",\"header\":\"End\",\"dataIndex\":\"eventend\",\"width\":\"20\",\"renderer\":\"this.renderDate\",\"sortable\":\"true\",\"show_in_grid\":\"1\"},{\"MIGX_id\":\"4\",\"header\":\"Published\",\"dataIndex\":\"published\",\"width\":\"10\",\"renderer\":\"this.renderCrossTick\",\"sortable\":\"false\",\"show_in_grid\":\"1\"},{\"MIGX_id\":\"3\",\"header\":\"\",\"dataIndex\":\"deleted\",\"width\":\"\",\"renderer\":\"\",\"sortable\":\"false\",\"show_in_grid\":\"0\"}]"

click done, you can check what it has done by right-clicking the record and choose 'edit' and go thrue the tabs and its nested grids.

Create a parent-resource for our events

Just create a new Resource, which will be the parent for all our event-resources.

Don't forget to set the resource-id into the getlist-where in the MIGX-manager tab: MIGXdb-settings field where:


Create some event-TVs

Create two date-TVs with names: eventstart and eventend Create a text-TV with name: location

Create a Template for our events

Create a template with some basic content and place at least this placeholders somewhere in this template:


don't forget to assign all this TVs to this template.

Set the Template for our events

We want all our events have the template created above. So we need to set the template-value somehow. This can be done by a hidden-field in our form. To do so:

  1. right-click our events - record in the MIGX-configurator-grid and click Edit
  2. open the tab formtabs
  3. right-click on Event and click Edit
  4. right-click on template and click Edit
  5. open the tab Input Options and change the Default-Value to the template-ID, which our events-resources should have.
  6. click done to save the values

Do the same for parent (add the ID of the parent-resource created above into as default-value) and context_key, if you need another one, than web

Close all windows with Done

Register the TVs for our processors (getlist,fields)

We need to register TVs to include them in the getlist- and fields-processors. Todo so we need a new config-file under /core/components/migx/configs/

with the same name as our MIGX-configuration: events.config.inc.php (should allready be installed with the MIGX-package) and this content:


$this->customconfigs['includeTVs'] = 1;
$this->customconfigs['includeTVList'] = 'eventstart,eventend,location';

All TVs you want to edit or you want to show in the grid needs to be in the includeTVList - customconfig

Create a new TV:

  • Name: eventsfiltercombo
  • Type: listbox
  • Input-option-values: current||upcoming||expired

snippet for our events-filter

Create a snippet:

Name: migxFilterevents content:

$now = strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S');
switch ($_REQUEST['eventsfilter']){
    case 'current':
        return 'tvFilter::eventstart<='.$now.',eventend>='.$now;
    case 'upcoming':
        return 'tvFilter::eventstart>>'.$now;
    case 'expired':
        return 'tvFilter::eventend<<'.$now;
return '';


Go to MIGX-Management and open our configuration (events) Open the TAB DB-Filters

with the configuration above we have allready created this filter

  • filter Name: eventsfilter
  • label: eventsfilter
  • empty text: - filter events -
  • filter type: combobox
  • getlist-where:
  • getcombo processor: getTVcombo
  • getcombo textfield: eventsfiltercombo (this is used in our getTVcombo-processor to get the input-options of the TV eventsfiltercombo for our filter-dropdown)

Textbox Filter for searching in some fields

you can add additional filters, for example this one:

  • filter Name: search
  • label: search
  • empty text: search...
  • getlist-where:

Save them all with clicking 'Done' on all windows

Now you should be able to filter the child-resources by searching and/or choosing current,upcoming,expired from dropdown

Hiding childs from tree

Hiding our child-resources from resource-tree is very easy.

go to the MIGX-Configurator and add a new field to one of the formtabs:

  • Fieldname: show_in_tree
  • Caption: Show in Tree
  • inputTVtype: listbox
  • inputOptionValues: no==0||yes==1

You can also show the status of this field in the grid by adding a new column:

  • Header: Show in Tree
  • Field: show_in_tree
  • width: 20
  • Renderer: this.RenderCrossTick

Create a menu to your CMP

Go to the menu System -> Actions

menu-tree: Components -> MIGX -> right-click->Place Action here

  • Lexicon-key: Events Manager
  • Action: migx-index
  • parameters &configs=events

click save

Now we have created a very basic event-resources-management, which should allready work for basic requirements. This can easy be extended to your needs.

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