Development Environments

Recommended Development Tools and Environments for MODX Revolution

In developing MODX, the team has found the following software and environments invaluable:


  • Netbeans 6.8
  • Netbeans Git plugin


Eclipse Installation

  • Simply install the latest Eclipse Classic
  • Start up eclipse / select a workspace
  • Use the Install Software option under the help menu
  • Right click and copy each of the links above (doing them in order doesn't hurt)
  • Click the "Add" button
  • Name the "repo" WST, Subclipse, PHPEclipse, or Spket, as it relates to the URL
  • Paste the URL
  • Click OK
  • Repeat for each of the links above as necessary
  • Individual notes:
    • WST - select the latest Web Tools Platform (takes quite a while)
    • Subclipse - simply install the Subclipse option
    • PHPEclipse - install everything offered
    • Spket - Install everything offered

Other Tools

For Mac:

For PC:

For Linux:

Development Server Environments

We also use MacPorts, XAMPP and MAMP, and the following tools/libraries in the development of MODX Revolution:

  • PHPUnit - this drives the PHP 5.1+ unit testing framework for xPDO, and we'll be adding a more robust test harness to MODX soon
  • PHPDocumentor - all of the classes in MODX Revolution are documented in PHPDoc format, and we'll be developing tutorials and other extended documentation for inclusion in the PHPDocs in DocBook XML format
  • Phing - will be used to allow automation of nightly builds, various distribution builds, unit testing, and many other development tasks

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