MODX PHP Coding Standards


  • Beginning brackets do NOT linebreak. They start one space after the end parenthesis, as according to traditional Unix policy.
  • Do not do any real logic in object constructors. Create class methods to do so.
    null, true and false should always be lowercase.
  • Avoid embedded assignments (ex: $d = ($a = $b + $c) is bad).
  • Never use extract().
  • Avoid using global variables if at all possible.
  • Document EVERYTHING.


  • Do not put parenthesis next to keywords. Put a space between.
  • Do put parenthesis next to function names.
  • Do not use parenthesis in return statements when it's not necessary. Example:
    if ($test) {
    while ($test == $other) {
    return $test;
  • Do not use parenthesis when using include, require, include_once, and require_once.


  • All ''core'' classnames, unless stated otherwise for special conditions, will be prefixed with the "mod" prefix: ie, modChunk, modTemplate, etc.
  • All method names will be camelCase and will start with a lowercase letter.
  • All private methods and variables must be prefixed with the underscore _ character.
    class modFactor {
        public $publicVar;
        private $_privateVar;
        private function _privateFunc() { }
        public function publicFunc() { }


Note these are not function arguments.

  • Use all lowercase letters.
  • Separate words with the underscore.

Function Arguments and Class Variables

  • The first letter is lowercase, rest are camelCase. Example:
    class modFactor {
        public function testFunc($testVar, array &$anotherTest = array()) {
            $this->_privateVar = $testVar;
            $local_variable =& $anotherTest;


  • Array index names use the underscore _, not the dash as their separator. This prevents errors with magic_quotes.
  • Array index names are always lowercase. Spaces are represented by an underscore.
  • Array index names are always encapsulated with single quotes.
    $_lang['chunk_create_text'] = 'Test';


  • Constants must be in all UPPERCASE letters.
  • Use only if absolutely necessary.

File Structure

  • Always name PHP class files in name.class.php format.


  • Lexicon strings for Components need to be prefixed:
$_lang['mycomponent.welcome_message'] = 'Welcome!';
  • Always prefix class names; eg: 'finBank', 'finTransaction', etc.
  • Always prefix Chunk names; eg: 'finStatement', 'finDeposit'

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