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GoogleSiteMap Roadmap

This is a work-in-progress roadmap for GoogleSiteMap.

Tasks in purple are already finished in Git. Ones in green are finished in beta/rc versions.

Future Versions

  • None planned yet!

Released Versions


- Complete rewrite based on Garry's blazing fast sitemap code

  • Added cachemanager
  • Efforts were made to make it backwards compatible using runSnippet to call the legacy snippet if legacy features are required.
  • RC release could use some testing


  • Add maxDepth, excludeResources properties
  • Refactor to work with overridable chunks for templates
  • Fix URL generation bug where home URL was incorrectly generating
  • i18n of properties


  • Add fix for when editedon is empty (thanks Andrey Federov!)
  • Add changelog- Initial release