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This is a work-in-progress roadmap for Quip.

Tasks in purple are already finished in Git. Ones in green are finished in beta/rc versions.

Released Versions

Quip 2.3

  • Add ability to unsubscribe to thread notifications via email, even for non-logged-in users
  • Add ability to manage subscriptions to a thread in backend

Quip 2.2

  • MODX Revo 2.2 support and optimization, this version and later only works on Revo 2.2+
  • Add search to Quip threads grid

Quip 2.1

  • Add &redirectTo and &redirectToUrl parameters to QuipReply for custom redirection after posting
  • Refactor Quip to be OOP, implement 'controller' classes, request handler
  • Add unit tests
  • Add generated API docs to build

Quip 2.0

  • Abstract resolver SQL
  • Add sanity check for contexts without load permission
  • Add unsubscribe option for logged-in users who have subscribed to a thread
  • Add extraAutoLinksAttributes property for specifying attributes to add to auto-converted links
  • Add rel-nofollow to any links parsed in comments
  • Add sqlsrv support for Revolution 2.1+ installs
  • Add fix for threads that have complex names
  • Add pre and post Hooks to Quip
  • Add field-specific error messages, ensure validation of those fields happens on first submit
  • Enable one-click post options bypassing preview, and added requirePreview property to force preview if wanted

Quip 1.2

  • Add QuipRss snippet to wrap quip snippet for easy RSS feed support
  • Improve manager UI to be able to act on multiple comments/threads at one time
  • Add ability to completely remove threads

Quip 1.1

  • Added ability to filter by user and thread simultaneously in QuipCount
  • Added theme ability to reCaptcha
  • Added "family" option to QuipLatestComments
  • Added QuipResourceCleaner plugin, which removes threads when their Resource has been removed

Quip 1.0

  • Pagination support
  • Direct moderation link from moderate notification emails
  • Logged-in manager users should not have moderated posts
  • Add option to disable captcha for logged-in users
  • Native ol/li support in comment markup
  • Add placeholders and default chunks for RSS feed support
  • Add searchability to comments grid in mgr ui
  • i18n of snippet properties

Quip 0.5.1

  • Auto-fix URLs without http:// prefix
  • Added Russian translation

Quip 0.5

  • Comment Moderation
    • Access Policy based
    • Notification email to moderators
    • Usergroup-based moderatorship
    • Single parameter-passed moderator usernames
    • Allow 1st-time-only moderation to comments
    • Allow users to see their unapproved comments
    • Allow notification to users when their comments are approved
  • Batch actions on Comments (incl. approve/reject)
  • Auto-close thread on X date or X days after current resource's publishedon date
  • Auto-convert URL links to html href tags.
  • Don't actually delete comments; just set deleted flag
  • Gravatar support
  • Fixed bug with IP not registering to posters

Quip 0.4

  • Toggleable threaded comments
    • Restrict threading to X levels deep
  • Separate snippet into separate QuipReply and Quip snippets
  • Add latest comments snippet
  • Add email notifications
  • Add reCaptcha support
  • Add anchor tag to comments

Quip 0.3

  • Allow multiple Quip instances
  • Add StopForumSpam spam filtering
  • Add QuipCount snippet to show number of comments in thread or by user
  • Allow toggleable option for requiring login to comment
  • Pre-fill logged-in users' info to reply form

Quip 0.2

  • Backend mgr UI for managing threads
  • Strip non-allowed tags
  • Add front-end, templatable posting interface
  • Initial public release