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The following is relevant to older versions of MODX. See Customizing Tabs via Form Customization for instructions for newer versions of MODX.

The New Tab Rule

The New Tab Rule, when set, will create a new tab in the panel.


  • Specify the ID of this new tab in the "Name" field.
  • Specify the tabpanel ID in the "Containing Panel" field
  • Set the Rule to "New Tab"
  • Set the title of the new tab in the "Value" field

Available TabPanels

Here are the IDs for the corresponding tab panels on various manager pages.

ID Corresponding Page
modx-resource-tabs The Resource edit/create page.
modx-chunk-tabs The Chunk page.
modx-snippet-tabs The Snippet page.
modx-plugin-tabs The Plugin page.
modx-template-tabs The Template page.
modx-tv-tabs The Template Variable page.
modx-user-tabs The User page.
modx-usergroup-tabs The User Group page.
modx-context-tabs The Context page.
Tab Panels on non-Resource pages are only available in 2.0.0-pl and up.


An example rule for creating a new tab in the Resource edit page would look like so:

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