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With MODX3 you get more and easier control over the appearance of the manager login page.

By default, the MODX logo will be used. This file is included in the release in /manager/templates/default/images/modx-logo-color.svg.

To use a different logo, provide an image URL in the the login_logo system setting. This can be both a local file or an external (full) URL. The image is limited to a width of 192 pixels (or 384 on 2x displays).

Background image

The background image on the login screen is a default one included in /manager/templates/default/images/login/default-background.jpg. The photo provided with MODX 3.0.0 was created by Christian Seel, and shows a mountain range near Engelberg, Switzerland, where the new login experience was originally built during a SnowUp event. (Source)

If you've created or use a custom manager theme, you must also provide a /manager/templates/YOUR-THEME/images/login/default-background.jpg file to act as the default.

To change the background to a different image, provide an image URL in the login_background_image system setting. This can be both a local file or an external (full) URL. A landscape image works best.

Changing programmatically

Alternatively, the background can also be changed programmatically with a plugin.

One pre-made example of that is the DailyPhoto extra which uses a different random photo each day from Unsplash.

To create your own custom logic for the background image, create a plugin that listens to the OnManagerLoginFormRender system event, with code like this:

$modx->controller->setPlaceholder('background', '/full/url/to/image.jpg');

Help block

The login page also includes a help block, however this is disabled by default. To enable it, set the login_help_button system setting to yes. A help link will then be shown at the bottom of the login panel.

The content of the login block is managed in the lexicon. To change, go to System > Lexicons. Select core as the namespace (if not pre-selected by default) and the login topic. Also choose the language to edit. The relevant lexicon keys are login_help_button_text, login_help_text, and login_help_title which can be edited by double clicking on the value.

Passwordless login

If desirable you can also enable logging in with a magic login link instead of a username and password.

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