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Adds an object or collection of objects related to this class.


API Docs: xPDOObject::addMany()

boolean addMany (
   mixed &$obj,
   [string $alias = '']


Add golf clubs to a bag and save.

$bag = $xpdo->newObject('GolfBag');
$bag->set('name',"Chris's Bag");
$clubs = array();
for ($i=1;$i<10;$i++) {
   $club = $xpdo->newObject('GolfClub');
   $club->set('name',$i.' Iron');
   $clubs[] = $club;
$bag->save(); // saves both the bag and all the clubs

Nested Calls You can nest one addMany() call inside another and thus create all your related data via a single save() operation.


Remember that this operation is intended to be called only for objects whose relationships are defined as cardinality="many".

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