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Sets a collection of placeholders stored in an array or as object vars. An optional namespace parameter can be prepended to each placeholder key in the collection, to isolate the collection of placeholders.

Note that unlike modX.toPlaceholders and modX.getChunk, this function does not add separators between the namespace and the placeholder key. Use toPlaceholders() when working with multi-dimensional arrays or objects with variables other than scalars so each level gets delimited by a separator.


API Doc: modX::setPlaceholders()

void setPlaceholders (array|object  $placeholders, [string $namespace = ''])

Unlike getChunk, the $placeholders array can not be deeply nested. It must be a simple associative array.


Add an array of placeholders, and prefix 'my.' to their key.

   'name' => 'John',
   'email' => '[email protected]',

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